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“Pilates reawakens ordinarily dormant muscle cells, develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”
– Joseph Pilates

About Kerry

Kerry is a Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor & Movement Specialist.

After a career as a professional ballet dancer in New York City, she relocated to Charlottesville and opened her boutique studio to share her passion for movement, healing, and superlative quality Pilates instruction.

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Customized Sessions

An experience of one-on-one Pilates is transformational. I custom design each hour session for specific needs of the individual. No two bodies are alike and therefore will not be doing the same workout. 

Your Journey

Most clients find this a fascinating journey to learn more about the body they’ve been living in. They can take this knowledge into any other form of exercise, athletics, and into everyday life.

Boutique Setting

Each person comes to me with a unique history and background that I see in their movement patterns. With my trained eye and intuitive sense of movement, I bring clients into awareness and teach clients to be more physically attuned to their bodies.

Mindful Movement

I am passionate about teaching Pilates because I see everyday how it positively impacts clients lives. Over time, clients will be more informed and move more consciously, while opening up new pathways for moving, thinking, and living.

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