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The Studio.

My private studio is a movement sanctuary. It’s an environment where you have a tranquil space to focus on just yourself. Temperature, lighting, and sound are catered to client's specific tastes. I believe in the significance of having natural light, nature to see out windows and even indoor plants to enhance one’s overall experience.


In a world where we are surrounded by noise, busy lifestyles, constant interactions, and little time for ourselves, it’s important for my clients to encounter an ambience that can be relaxing and calming to the nervous system. This unique experience serves as a jumping board for doing deeper and more mindful work that I offer clients. 


The studio feel is intimate and private, so you can just breathe…

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Pilates Equipment

Other equipment includes the spine corrector, Parasetter, Mini Parasetters, rotational discs, myofascial release balls, stability ball, vibrating roller and foam rollers. 



Ladder Barrel


Studio Amenities

The studio provides towel service, bathroom, shower, dressing room, water, and protein bars.

Bathroom | Shower

Dressing Room

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