A Personalized, Holistic Approach

Each person comes to me with a unique history and background that I see in their movement patterns. Release and stretch work, muscle repatterning and Pilates are components used to address the individualized needs of clients. No two bodies are alike and will not be doing the same workout. My wide range of unique experiences, plus custom designed workouts, foster quicker improvement as well as deep and lasting change in client’s bodies.

Sessions often start with release work. This is to eliminate strain and tension causing disfunction and pain in the body. With my extensive understanding of biomechanics, I then guide clients to repattern proper muscle function and alignment that better serves them. Finally, Pilates is used to strengthen these newly improved muscle patterns. Pilates in itself is a mindful, intelligent and fabulous full body workout.


I don’t believe in training strained muscles or continually over working the same muscle groups. Rather my focus is to train the body in front of me as an integrative whole: mind, body, spirit. Sessions are seamlessly choreographed to intelligently progress, effectively and efficiently. 

Types of Sessions

Pilates for Fitness

Pilates for Dancers

Pilates for Sports Performance

Release + Stretch

Pilates for Injuries + Rehabilitation

Pre + Postnatal Pilates


"Choosing to work one-on-one with Kerry Shea has been one of the most transformative and beneficial decisions of my career. Her attention to detail, breadth of knowledge, and holistic approach are beyond compare. Kerry's coaching has not only helped repattern my neuromuscular pathways and greatly alleviate my plantar fasciitis and hip pain--it's had a direct impact on my ballet technique and helped me take my craft to the next level. Kerry's ability to pinpoint imbalances and weaknesses in the body and sequentially realign and strengthen them in achievable steps is a truly invaluable gift for any athlete!"


"I worked with Kerry for four years. Kerry saw me pregnant with my third child and worked with me until a few days before my delivery. Then she helped me get back in shape. I started understanding Pilates and how it can help shape a body and improve one’s general condition. With Kerry, emphasis is not on doing a lot quickly, but on doing well as much as one can. My body awareness during exercise and also throughout daily life improved tremendously. When Kerry is with you, she is completely with you, she is patient, caring and passionate about finding a workout that is good for her client. Her calmness combined with her kindness made me always look forward to my time with her." 


"Over the last 15 years, I have taken hundreds of Pilates classes, some private and some group. Unequivocally, Kerry Shea is the best instructor I have ever had. No one comes close! I quickly noticed an improvement in my golf and tennis games. Kerry’s commitment, engaging personality, and her innovative approach to exercise made her classes truly special."


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