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Kerry's Story

As a certified Advanced Pilates Instructor and movement educator, I’ve been teaching for 20 years, practicing Pilates for 28 years, and was a professional ballet dancer of 32 years. Everyday of my life has been about movement…


I hold two major certifications. The first from Stott Pilates, a contemporary approach to Pilates and internationally recognized. I was later inspired to complete a classical Pilates certification while studying under Master Instructor

Roberta Kirschenbaum, of Rolates Pilates. Kirschenbaum is a 2nd generation instructor and owner/director of Joseph’s Pilates’ original studio in New York City. I was trained privately by Kirschenbaum and completed a thorough and intensive classical certification. I am proud to be a 3rd generation teacher and to hold this prestigious certification.

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Initially, I taught group and private classes all over New York City at studios such as Namaste NY, New York Sports Club and New York Health and Racquet Club. I eventually started my own Pilates business that thrived teaching all populations of people- athletes, dancers, celebrities, pre and post natal women, those with chronic pain and injuries and those looking for a great workout. 


My passion for movement started at the age of 5 with my classical ballet 

training. I had a long and successful career as a professional ballet dancer. My company credits include Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Ballet West, Eglevsky Ballet, CONTINUUM Contemporary/Ballet, and Lydia Johnson Dance. I served as the associate artistic director of Lydia Johnson Dance. I hold a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah.


At an early age, I discovered how beneficial Pilates was to my ballet training. It aided my performance, was great injury prevention, gave me the aesthetic look needed to be a professional dancer and helped with injury rehabilitation. At one point, I suffered a major back injury that doctors called career ending. With the help of Pilates and other master healers, I returned to the stage within a year.

I was fortunate to collaborate with many master movement educators, while dancing professionally in NYC. Learning from experts such as physical therapists, rolfers, acupuncturists, Feldenkrais practitioners, and Ballet Masters (my coach was Baryshnikov’s coach) has given me a heightened awareness and wisdom into a healing body: mind, body, spirit. Because of my own experiences being in pain and injured, I have a special place in my heart for sharing with those injured my knowledge of movement as a resource for healing. Through intelligent movement and my deep understanding of proper muscle function, I’ve helped those heal from foot, knee, back, shoulder, neck and pelvic floor, etc. Some clients have given me the nickname “body whisperer”!

I am a life long learner of movement. In addition to dance and Pilates, I enjoy hiking, SUP, kayaking, my yoga practice of 20yrs, studying Gyrotonics, Feldenkrais, and the MELT method. I participate in many courses and workshops to further serve clients. Last year, I privately worked with Marika Molnar on her innovative Parasetter and Minis. I was excited to bring these wonderful tools and knowledge back to Charlottesville. This year, I was certified as a Progressing Ballet Technique teacher. Also, I traveled to Connecticut to privately work and learn from the Pilates legend, Mary Bowen.


Currently, I am thrilled to be teaching from my boutique Pilates studio. In Charlottesville, I’m presenting workshops as a form of outreach to the community and Pilates master classes. On the national and international stage, I often return to Rolates Pilates in NYC to help with workshops for Pilates students and Pilates Instructors looking to enhance their own teaching skills.

In July of 2019, I was a featured teacher in Pilates Style Magazine, an international industry publication, discussing my experience teaching Pilates to specialized populations.  


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