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  • BFA Ballet Performance from University of Utah

  • 600 Hour All Apparatus Classical Pilates Teacher Certification from Rolates Pilates, 2nd generation master instructor, Roberta Kirschenbaum.

  • Mat and Reformer Stott Pilates Teacher Training Certification


Irene Dowd Courses
  1. Knee Joint Harmony: Devising Appropriate Protocols For A Pilates Based Training Program. 2017

  2. Hypermobility And How To Train People Who are Hypermobile. 2019

  3. Honoring and Energizing Our Hip Joint. 2020

  4. Honoring and Energizing Our Hip Joints: A Review Of The Movement Choreography. 2021

  5. Supporting The Power And Freedom Of Our Shoulders. 2021

  6. Ideokinesis, Practicing Strategies For Enhancing Function With a Focus on Face, Head and Neck. 2021

  7. Architecture Of Our Wonderfully Complex Knees And Strategies/Suggestions For Physically Training Ourselves To Maximize Knee Function. 2021

  8. Coaching And Teaching Movement Effectively (Without Physically Touching). 2021

  9. Coordination Of Spine With Foot/Hip Actions. 2022

  10. Coordination Of Spine With Hand/Shoulder Actions. 2022

  11. Coordination Of Spine With Head/Face Actions. 2022

  12. Action Into Words, 3 Day Dance Teacher Workshop. 2022

  13. Lower Limb PNF Patterns And Ways To Adapt Them To Different Goals. 2023

  14. Classic PNF Patterns And Ways To Adapt Them To Different Goals- Upper Extremity. 2023

  15. Honoring Individual Anatomical Structure With Individualized Adaptive Training: Focus On The Hip Joints, Pelvis, And Lumbar Spine. 2022

  16. Honoring Individual Anatomical Structure With Individualized Adaptive Training: Focus On The Feet And Ankles. 2022

  17. Iliopsoas: A Mysterious And Multi-Function Complex. 2023

  18. Knee: A Delicate Balancing Of Forces. 2023

  19. Kinesthetic Anatomy Of Upper Extremity: Focusing On Joint Motion (Kinematics) And Full Range Of Motion. Eight-Week Course. 2023

Human Cadaver Dissection
  1. "Lumbopelvic Stability - Where Breathing Meets Walking, Balancing The Psoas And Deep Muscles Of The Pelvis" with Anatomy Trains Author Tom Myers and Master Dissector Todd Garcia. 2022

Physiotherapist Lisa Howell
  1. Dance Teacher & Practitioner Training Level 1

  2. Flexibility Teacher Training Course Level 2

  3. Pre-Pointe Assessment and Pointe Shoe Fitting. 2023

Sugar Foot Therapy
  1. Teacher Training Workshop. 2023

Royal Ballet Enlighten Webinars 
  1. Positivity: how to create, develop and sustain a positive studio climate

  2. Effective motor learning for dancers: strategies for developing dance skills


Progressing Ballet Technique Teacher Certification


Boditree Pilates And Healing
  1. Prenatal Pilates teacher training course

  2. Postnatal Pilates teacher training course 

  3. Introduction to Release Work 

  4. Advanced Release Work



Stott Physioball Pilates Teacher Training 

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